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BASIC (See Description)
BASIC (See Description)
PRO (2 premium plugins)
PRO (2 premium plugins)

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    Why you should start online classified business?

    * A vast number of people are using the free online classified service daily and the number is growing day by day.
    * Buyers and sellers are showing more interest to promote their products online. They are using classified sites to buy and sell products/services to save time and money.
    * Being a classified site owner, you can earn both from paid ads and advertising programs like Google AdSence.
    * No need great contents to attract search visitors. User’s classified ads will play the role of contents.

    * You can start earning within a very short time by selling premium ads.
    * You can attract worldwide investors once your site get popular.

    Please See DEMO. Note: DEMO for reference. listing not come with website

    BASIC Package: Premium Design + Install

    Development Time: Upto 7 Days

    Website Details:

    1 . Full Responsive

    Theme for computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

    2 . Bootstrap , HTML5, CSS3

    3 . Different colors

    Blue, green, black-red, blue-grey, dark-pink, tomato, corn silk, queen-blue, violet-blue, blue-cyan, Neptune, teal-green. Press a gear at the left in demo and choose the color.

    4 . Responsive Сcarousel

    On the main page with custom settings for admin:

    a) select number of items to show in carousel from admin part

    b) select to show premium or popular items

    c) hide carousel

    5 . Social networks

    share buttons in item page.

    6 . Locations

    In footer at main page with custom settings for admin:

    a) Show all regions

    b) Regions with items

    c) Show all cities (It is advisable to use if you have a few regions or one. If you have a lot of regions – the main pagewill be loading a long time .)

    d) Cities with items

    e) Countries with items

    f) Hide locations in footer

    7 . Related ads

    Related Ads in item page.

    Related Ads function allows to set to the administrator various settings:

    a) number of relates ads in item page;

    b) ads with photos only оr not;

    c) ads only from the same region оr not;

    d) ads only from the same same categoryоr not;

    e) Premium ads only or not;

    f) Any combination of the previous functions for Related Ads

    8. Advertise Management

    from admin part for platforms, such as Google Adsense.

    9. Gallery or List View.

    The administrator can choose – as will be shown by default.

    10. Custom Welcome text in Main Page

    Paste in admin part or disable.

    11. Categories

    Main page with subcategories or only categories( Setup in admin part).

    12. Very Easy to install.

    No need edit the code. No need plugins to install theme.

    13. Widgets

    Three widget in footer. Here you can insert widgets social networks, any other widget that you want, or just text.

    14.Social links

    Links in footer to social pages ( paste from admin part)

    15. Main page search can be configured to use :

    a) Search at All regions

    b) Regions with items

    c) All cities ( It is advisable to use if you have a few regions or one. If you have a lot of regions – the main page will bea long time to load.)

    d) Cities with items

    e) Countries with items

    f) Hide locations

    16. Icons for categories

    Can be replaced (or upload for new categories) from admin.

    17. Functions for item-post

    Post item with country select or not, show custom field after categories or at bottom.

    18. Disable/enable: category icons in items, subcategories in category page, mark as and useful block in item page.

    19. Full translated: English, Spanish(Spain), Portuguese(Brazil), Portuguese(Portugal), Russian, German, French, Italian.

    And full ready to translate to any other language.

    – New user-register form with mobile phone and company/user select

    – New search with filter company/user

    Also You can earn from Banner Ad Placements
    The Website has 2 banner ad placement zones on the homepage. The Banner Ads offer an opportunity to earn huge commission payouts! You could also advertise your other website using banners or you could simply charge people to place banners on the website.

    You need DOMAIN
    You will need to provide your own DOMAIN NAME for us to install the website.

    >>Development time 7-15 days

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